Are you tired of visit a lot of pages to inform a bout the tournaments and events of your favourite games? How many times you didn’t inform on time? You did’t find no one who play with?

Welcome to BGZ, with this App you are going to stay up to date with all the events related with board games and rol-playing games, where you can create matches and find new players with who you can enjoy this fantastic world.

Thanks to the role of geolocalitation you’re going to receive all the information of the zone where you are. In adition you can to specify the games that you are interested in to obtain a specific and individual search.

BGZ is created for the board games and  rol-playing games fans. Yes, we like to play too, on this way who knows, maybe we meet in a match that you had organized.

Just wish you, that the experience with BGZ will be attractive to you, and of course we are at your service for listen your suggestions, questions or any consult that you can realize on our contact zone of this web, our facebook, or sending an email to info@bgamezone.com.

We, as part of SCSI (Sistemes Components i Software Informàtic, S.L), we had enjoy creating this project of which we want  you be part of.

May de dice be wit you!